Yapta is Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant

Yapta helps consumers plan, track and buy travel products at the right time and for the right price. We can help target your brand or special offers to our highly savvy travel audience.

Our Audience:

  • Frequent business and leisure travelers
  • Sophisticated travel shoppers
  • 70% of Yapta users are tracking flights before they buy
  • To date, Yapta users have placed air travel products valued at over $200 million on their “wish lists”

Travel Consumers use Yapta to:

  • Identify the ideal flight & hotel options
  • Comparison shop by tracking airfare prices & hotel rates
  • Be alerted to vouchers or refunds on purchased flights that have dropped in price

Targeting Capabilities:

  • Destination Cities
  • Hometown Cities
  • Brand matching for specific offers

Highly Targeted Placements:

  • On travelers’ “wish lists” containing the flights & hotels they’ve bookmarked
  • Branded “buy it now” sponsorships
  • Sidebar window (visible as users are actively shopping online)
  • Custom and fixed placements