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TravizonTravizon Travel Management Announces New Airfare Tracking Solution, FareIQ
“The Fare IQ technology supports travel planning and budgeting without sacrificing personalized itineraries—keeping the ROI of business travel at the forefront of everything we do.” 10/07/2013

Omega World TravelOmega World Travel Partners with Yapta to Provide the Latest Cost-Saving Technology to its Corporate Clients
“This technology offers Omega one more way to help our clients’ control costs, which is every customer’s number one concern. We count on our vendors to bring us best-in-class solutions and Yapta has delivered.” 07/30/2013

The Beat

Ultramar: Yapta Worth The Work

“Looks like airfare tracker Yapta’s pivot to corporate travel is about to get easier.” 07/12/2013

The Huffington Post

Top Tips For Budget Travel

“Don’t be afraid to ask for a refund. If you notice that plane tickets you purchased have gone down in price, call up the airline or ticketing site and ask for the difference back. A great way to track your flight fare is to use Yapta.com. They will notify you if your flight price goes down.” 01/31/2013


Fare Forecast – KAYAK.com Buying Advice

“Another service doesn’t predict fares, but tracks them and notifies you when changes take place. Yapta is short for ‘Your amazing personal travel assistant.’” 01/21/2013

Fox News

How to navigate refunds when the price of your airfare drops

“Yapta does indeed work well when a fare goes down after you buy it, as long as you’ve booked on a participating airline.” 01/21/2013

Smarter Travel

Find the Cheapest Possible Flight with Fare Alerts

“Yapta allows users to track fares for exact flights – in addition to tracking fares for specific routes and dates.” 01/18/2013


Seattle Roundup: Qliance, Remitly, Yapta, Clipboard Attract Investment

“Airline price tracker Yapta raised nearly $1.2 million in what a company spokesman described as abridge financing to continue operations until another funding round is completed.” 01/07/2013


Yapta takes flight with cash as it ponders next venture round

“Yapta continues to expand in the corporate travel arena having launched its FareIQ product last year.” 01/05/2013


Five tips for getting the best price online

“You can look at the history of the product’s price and get an alert sent to your phone or email when the price drops. For plane tickets, Yapta or Airfare Watchdog can help.” 12/19/2012

Yahoo Voices

Adventure Girl’s Pre-flight Tips to Help Make Your Holiday Travel Easier

“After I find the flights and prices from Skyscanner, I hit the site called Yapta.com and plunk in the flights I’m seeking to purchase. If there’s no rush to book the ticket, I’ll let Yapta monitor the pricing.” 12/06/2012


Pintrips wants to remove flight search hassle with tool to pin, compare and track changes

“Interesting that they’re going after leisure and unmanaged business especially in light of travel management companies and corporates taking notice of tools such as Yapta FareIQ.” 12/03/2012

MSN Money

$9 airfare and 9 other travel hacks

“Yapta: This service tracks prices even after you book; if fares drop you’ll be advised how to apply for a refund.” 12/01/2012

Real Simple

14 Holiday Travel Essentials

“If you know your holiday travel dates early, set up an alert on Yapta.com, an airfare tracking website, for when the price drops.” 12/01/2012


Yapta signs up corporate travel managers to FareIQ

“Yapta says that early customers of FareIQ, its airfare price tracking tool for travel management companies (TMCs) and other companies have saved an average of $279 per corporate travel itinerary over and above any airline imposed change fees.” 11/13/2012


Is there something in the Tingo concept for tour operators, rail and car hire?/

“It’s not the only one in the game with others such as Backbid, AutoSlash for car rental and Yapta for flights also trying to change the dynamic and ‘empower’ consumers.” 11/07/2012


PayPal Price Matching on flights means you can collect twice on some fare drops

“With PayPal Price Matching, you have to track the fare drops yourself. But, if you submit your flight details to fare-tracking site Yapta, you will receive an alert when the fare drops, and Yapta will walk you through how to get the credit or voucher from the airline.” 11/03/2012

Mr. Everyday Dollar

A Trip to Argentina: 5 Ways to save Money on Vacation

“After I purchase airfare, I always go to Yapta to put in my flight details.” 10/30/2012


Travel websites can help save consumers money

“Yapta e-mail alerts let you know when prices drop and when to buy to save money on airfare.” 10/26/2012


How to Get a Deal on Holiday Travel

“Yapta.com will send you alerts if the price drops on a flight you’ve booked.” 09/19/2012


10 Tips for International Business Travelers

“Book air fare in advance for the best seat selection. Keep on top of fares by registering flights with AirFareWatchdog (before buying) and Yapta (after).” 09/16/2012


23 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money

“Yapta.com tracks fares for you and will shoot you an email or Tweet if the cost of your selected flight drops.” 09/10/2012


Fabulous Freebies 2012

“Don’t you hate it when you pay for a flight, and then the price drops? Enlist the help of Yapta.com, which tracks your flight’s price after you buy your ticket.” 09/06/2012

NBC4 Washington

What to Buy When

“Yapta: Track flight prices and save money before and after you buy” 08/31/2012

Business Travel Executive

Look, Up In The Sky…

“Now Yapta has released a corporate version of this technology, called FareIQ (getfareiq.com), which brings the same visibility to corporate travel managers and their agencies.” 08/21/2012


10 Budget Airfare Tools Every Traveler Should Know

“Yapta’s super power lies in its ability to track fare changes after tickets have been purchased.” 07/26/2012

Tulsa World

Money Power: Timing your purchases could result in the best deals

“After buying the flight, enter your itinerary and the amount you paid for the tickets into Yapta.” 07/25/2012

Conde Nast Traveler

11 Steps to Transform a Cruise Deal into a Dream Trip

“I saved hundreds of dollars by waiting till two months before the cruise to buy our plane tickets to Tampa, the embarkation port – I had set up airfare alerts on FareCompare.com and Yapta.com, which notified me when fares dropped.” 06/26/2012

Live Trading News

FareIQ Named Finalist for GBTA Business Travel Innovation of the Year

“FareIQ, which is currently being piloted by a number of organizations with large air travel volumes, is a Finalist in the ‘Travel Management’ category.” 06/17/2012


The Geek’s Guide to Air Travel

“Once purchased, I immediately go to Seattle’s Yapta (founded by a former Alaska Airlines marketing exec) and enter the flight and price I paid.” 06/08/2012


How One Celeb-centric Startup is Cashing in on the Guided Travel Sector

“Venture capitalists are clawing for a piece of the exploding tech travel sector. Last year zozi raised $7 million in Series B funding from investors that included LaunchCapital; meanwhile, San Francisco-based travel search site Hipmunk raised $4.2 million and Seattle-based flight tracker Yapta locked down $5 million.” 05/22/2012


4 Cool New Booking Sites to Help Save on Hotels

“Several years ago, the travel site Yapta gained a following for its automated airfare tracking service: It constantly tracked flight price fluctuations, and notified travelers when a requested route dipped below a specified price threshold.” 05/17/2012


Ways 2 Save: Car rental & airfare deals

“Yapta is a website that charts flight price drops even after you buy, to get you travel credit refunds with most of the major airlines.” 05/14/2012


When to buy that summer plane ticket

“If you decide to wait in the hopes of a price drop, sign up for fare alerts offered by practically every travel site. Yapta.com, another price-tracking service, alerts travelers when the price of their plane tickets drop after purchase, allowing travelers to request an airline voucher for the price difference.” 05/11/2012

Business Travel Executive

Yapta Offers FareIQ for Tracking Corporate Airfare Pricing

“Yapta has introduced FareIQ, the corporate travel industry’s only independent airfare price tracking solution. FareIQ’s patent-pending technology provides in-depth analysis of corporate airfares, spotlighting opportunities to save as market prices shift on a daily basis.” 05/09/2012


Yapta Continues Makeover With Corporate Airfare Tracker FareIQ

“The new offering, called FareIQ, brings Yapta’s airfare price-tracking to the big-business market.” 05/07/2012


Yapta unveils airfare price tracking service to save companies cash on travel

“Paying too much for corporate travel? Yapta today is unveiling a new product called FareIQ that’s designed to notify corporations when airfares drop, saving money and time.” 05/07/2012


Yapta targets corporate travel with fare-savings tool

“CorpTrav Management Group, a woman-owned TMC based in Lombard, Illinois, is participating in the pilot of FareIQ, a tool which ties into back-end systems and identifies lower fares based on business travelers’ itineraries.” 05/07/2012

New York Post

Let the deals come to you

“For several years, Yapta.com has allowed consumers to enter their flight details on several airlines and receive and alert when the price drops.” 05/04/2012


Automatically Score the Biggest Travel Savings (Without All the Hassle)

“Since the service launched 5 years ago, average savings per Yapta member is $334.16.” 05/04/2012

New York Times

Getting Refunds if the Price Drops

“Now a growing number of travel sites are offering to track the price after you reserve and to refund you the difference. While at least one, Yapta.com, has long alerted travelers to price drops even after a ticket has been purchased, travelers still had to do the follow-up work, including calling the airline to request the refund.” 05/02/2012

Wall Street Journal

Summer Travel – Where the Deals Are… and Aren’t

“For airfare, register flight information on Yapta.com and you’ll get an email alert if the price falls low enough for the carrier to refund the difference.” 04/21/2012

Winnipeg Free Press

Vacation on a shoestring

“Register with Yapta, book a flight, and then it will tell you if any similar flights become available at a lower price.” 04/14/2012

New York Times

When to Buy That Plane Ticket

“Yapta.com, another price-tracking service, alerts travelers when the price of their plane tickets drop after purchase, allowing travelers to request an airline voucher for the price difference.” 04/11/2012


9 Things You should Always Buy on Sale

“When purchasing air travel, track price trends on Yapta or Bing to make sure you buy at the right time to get the best deal possible.” 04/09/2012


Kiplinger’s: Stay alert to save on airfares

“Plug your itinerary into www.yapta.com or Bing’s Price Predictor to see whether you should buy the ticket or wait until prices plunge.” 04/08/2012


Watch my dog help me make the picks for the WTIA awards

“…Steve Singh who has proven himself as an effective leader at Concur, which now boasts a marketvalue of $3.3 billion and has moved deeper into consumer-oriented businesses through its purchase of TripIt and investment in Yapta.” 03/14/2012

Lexington Herald-Leader

How to track down the best airfares

“Yapta: This site will track airfares before you buy, and it will help you get a refund if a fare drops after you buy.” 03/04/2012

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