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Travel cheap: nine ways to save on air travel

“If the price of your flight plunges after you buy a ticket, you may be able to recoup some of the price difference (minus a sizable rebooking fee at most airlines, though). Yapta is one website that helps you track whether you might qualify for a refund voucher.” June 10, 2011

If your airfare drops, you might get a refund

“A limited number of airlines will give you a refund, and if the prices have fallen enough, the change fee on some airlines might turn out in your favor. And it’s easy to track the fare changes through, which will do the leg work and email any variations to you. The site will even tell you how to claim the refund.” June 17, 2011


When Airfares Vary Wildly, Where Are The Deals?

Scott Mayerowitz, airlines reporter for The Associated Press, talks to NPR about Yapta and other services that help travelers save on airfare. June 21, 2011


A way to get money back from the airlines for a change

“It’s called Yapta and it’s a site that not only will help you find flights and track prices, but once you decide you’re ready to go ahead and press the buy button Yapta will keep tracking the price for you to see if it drops. If it does then Yapta will alert you and help you get a refund for the cost difference per ticket.” July 7, 2011

How to Get a Refund if Your Airfare Drops After You Buy

“With Yapta’s service, you can register for free online and if your particular flight drops in price, you get an email or Twitter alert. Yapta takes the change fees into account and sends alerts only when a price drop exceeds the amount of the change fee.” July 13, 2011

USA Today

How to Track Airfare Trends

“FareCompare and Yapta search other websites for their data and focus more specifically on tracking fares instead of on booking them” July 14, 2011

Outside Magazine

Cheap Flights

“Airlines like Alaska, JetBlue and Southwest will give you a voucher if the fare drops after you buy it—and will track those refunds for you.” July 18, 2011


TripIt Owner Concur Invests $5 Million In Flight Price Tracker Yapta

“Travel and expense management company Concur, which earlier this year acquired TripIt and GlobalExchange, has invested $5 million in Yapta, a provider of airfare and hotel rate tracking services.” July 20, 2011


Seattle online travel startup Yapta lands $5 million investment from Concur

“Yapta, the online travel Web site that allows consumers to track flights and then receive refunds on airline tickets if prices drop after purchase, has raised $5 million in a strategic investment from Concur.” July 20, 2011

Budget Travel

Flight Network’s got you covered when your airfare drops

“MasterCard recently partnered with Yapta on an initiative called PriceAssure, which grants cardholders credits when airfare drops.” July 25, 2011

Five Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

“After booking your ticket through an airline, you can enter your flight information at Yapta. The website will track the airfare and alert you via email if you’re eligible for a refund from the airline.” July 29, 2011

Free Price Watch

“Enlist the help of, which tracks your flight’s price after you buy your ticket. If the fare drops, it will notify you and help you collect a refund or travel vouchers from the airline.” August 1, 2011

The Seattle Times

Buy too early, pay too much for airfare

“Rebooking fees often cancel out any savings, but as Yapta’s data showed, that’s not always the case, particularly with airlines such as Alaska, Southwest, JetBlue and AirTran, which don’t charge change fees.” August 6, 2011

Chicago Tribune

Where to track down airfare deals on the Web

“Sign up with Yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant) to find flights, track prices and receive email alerts before you buy. You also can track the price after you’ve made your purchase and be alerted to price drops that may make a flight change worthwhile.” August 23, 2011

Get a refund on high airfares

“About 13% of fares Yapta tracked from January to March of this year were eligible for a refund, Pecor says. The average voucher amount was $125 in that period.” September 2, 2011

Associated Press

7 tips for saving on holiday flying and lodging

“Sometimes better deals can be found on sites such as Kayak, Hipmunk, AirfareWatchdog, Yapta, FareCompare, CheapOair, Mobissimo and” September 27, 2011

The Wall Street Journal

How to Save $10,000 by Next Thanksgiving

“And check for refunds on airline tickets at Steve Weikal in Boston just got back $500 on two tickets for Christmas.” November 19, 2011


Yapta launches iPhone app for airfare tracking and refund grabbing

“The Yapta mobile app appeared in the iTunes store today, and Yapta’s official announcement about it is coming Nov. 28, after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the US.” November 23, 2011


Yapta’s iPhone app lets you track airfare prices, refund alerts

“Available as a free download, the Yapta app lets you track airfare prices on specific flights from hundreds of airlines around the world, while alerting you when the price on a particular flight drops — or falls below a pre-designated price point.” November 30, 2011

Yapta App

“In a customer service move that way too few people take advantage of, airlines will actually give you a refund if the price of your flight drops, and this Seattle-based co. is helping you collect with a brand-new app that tracks prices for flights and hotels rooms, and either alerts you when you’re due a refund, or tells you the right time to book (usually sometime after you’ve stolen all those towels).” December 1, 2011


Yapta signs up corporate travel managers to FareIQ

"Yapta says that early customers of FareIQ, its airfare price tracking tool for travel management companies (TMCs) and other companies have saved an average of $279 per corporate travel itinerary over and above any airline imposed change fees." November 14, 2012

Business Travel Executive

Look, Up In The Sky…

"For years, companies like Yapta have assisted consumers in the often byzantine and opaque world of airfare price reduction and ticket refunds. Now Yapta has released a corporate version of this technology, called FareIQ (, which brings the same visibility to corporate travel managers and their agencies." (PDF), August 2012


Airline Ticket Price Drop? You Might Be Eligible for a Refund Airfare

"So how do you keep an eye on dropping ticket prices without constantly checking your airline's site? Try previously mentioned Yapta, which tracks the price of your flight after you buy and alerts you of any drops." June 1, 2011

Inc. Magazine

Best Business Deals

“While researching prices, sign up for Yapta, a site that sends you an e-mail alert when fares drop. It's also useful after you have booked your flight. If there is a big drop in price ($150 or more), many airlines, including American Airlines and Delta, will refund you the difference in the form of a travel voucher.” June, 2011

Associated Press

Booked early, then airfare fell. A refund? Maybe.

“Not many travelers, however, bother to check if the fare has dropped after they buy their ticket. A site called allows fliers to register their flight information and receive alerts when fares fall after they book.” May 25, 2011

This week in Credit Card News

“MasterCard has teamed with the travel site Yapta to create MasterCard PriceAssure. Its goal is to make it easier for travelers to claim the credit.” May 24, 2011

Boston Glove

Credit card will track flight prices

"Little is more frustrating than booking an airline ticket and then seeing the same flight for less money. MasterCard holders can benefit from the new MasterCard PriceAssure program, a service offered in partnership with, which tracks airline prices." May 22, 2011

Budget Travel

A new way to get cash back when fares drop

"Mastercard's service is powered by Yapta, a tool that this blog has told you about before for doing a similar service." May 18, 2011

New York Times

Getting Credit if Airfares Fall After You Buy

"So MasterCard has teamed with the travel site Yapta to offer a service aimed at making it easier for travelers to claim the credit. Called MasterCard PriceAssure, it works like this: You go to the service's Web site and enroll your MasterCard. Then, you use your card to buy your ticket directly from an airline and elect to have PriceAssure track your itinerary." May 17, 2011


MasterCard uses Yapta for airfare tracking service

"MasterCard Worldwide launched MasterCard PriceAssure, a program, powered by Yapta, which enables travelers to track airfare price drops and get credits." May 19, 2011

Associated Press

Which tech tools do experts use when they travel?

“Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger, retired U.S. Airways pilot: 'Some helpful websites when booking travel include,,, and” May 3, 2011

Programmable Web

Robin Hood of Travel Tracks Flight Deals Via API

"Flight price tracker Yapta's value proposition sounds a bit like Robin Hood of the travel industry. It will not only track travel prices for you, but to help you get a refund should the price of your reservation fall after you've booked it. I wouldn't be surprised if Yapta can also be used to retrieve kittens from high branches, but that part of the Yapta API isn't documented yet." April 5, 2011


Yapta seeks to get distribution on track through API

"Yapta, the airfare and hotel rate tracking service, released airfare price-tracking APIs in beta. The hope is that developers at startups, online travel agencies, suppliers and credit card companies will integrate Yapta's airfare tracking service into their websites and mobile platforms and make enhancements. " March 30, 2011

USA Today

Airfare 101: How to find the best airline deals

“ will let you choose a specific flight to track (although that flight may or may not be the best deal compared to other flights). Others just let you know when a fare on a route you specify has gone down in price, regardless of the airline or flight time.” March 21, 2011


24 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money

"Yapta will alert you to falling fares via e-mail or tweet. And if the change in price dips below the cost of any "re-booking fees" some airlines charge in these situations, the site will explain how to collect your refund." March 11, 2011

Wall Street Journal

Get Refund if Fares Drop

"Along with the alert, Yapta sends you instructions for getting the refund, which will come in the form of a voucher from the carrier that you can use for future travel. The service applies to domestic and international flights booked directly through an airline." February 13, 2011

Consumer Search

Top 5 Best Reviewed: Travel Sites

"This site uses the same flight search engine as, but it has a different twist on tracking airfare prior to booking. You can request an email alert if the price drops for a specific flight on a specific airline, whereas sends the lowest fares based on travel dates and cities." February 1, 2011


The Changing Face of Booking Travel Online

"Most airlines and travel agencies will give you a refund if the price of your flight drops after you book it. Just watch out for re-ticketing charges. Yapta will let you track a specific flight for price drops and takes into account ticket-change fees." January 4, 2011

New York Times

11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2011

"Many airlines will refund the difference in price if the fare drops after you purchase a ticket (minus a change fee). helps get you that refund by tracking the price of your ticket and sending you an e-mail or Tweet when the price drops so that you can call the airline to claim the credit." January 4, 2011

Flight And Hotel Price Tracking Startup Yapta Is Raising A $6.4 Million Round

"The service was initially launched as a browser add-on in May 2007, morphed into a full-fledged website a year later and started tracking hotel prices in addition to flight fares in 2009." December 29, 2010


The Best Travel Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

"'My guess is that Facebook and Twitter will be a hotbed for flash sales on airfare and hotel stays,' says Jeff Pecor, senior communications director at Yapta. 'Many of the major airline and hotel brands that have embraced social networking as a marketing opportunity will be in vogue with the cyber-shopping theme, so I'd recommend following them immediately.'" November 26, 2010


Yapta, MasterCard enter into flight price assurance agreement search

"Yapta and MasterCard plan to begin a beta in December in which MasterCard consumer and small business cardholders purchasing flights with their cards would be able to receive Yapta's price monitoring and price assurance services. Yapta pledges that its services get air travelers refunds on the difference when the airfare drops below the price the flight was booked for. The beta is a prelude to a full-fledged launch of the service with MasterCard in early 2011." November 17, 2010


7 Ways to Save on Holiday Travel

"For help tracking your specific flight's price, go to The site will send you alerts via e-mail or Twitter as soon as it catches a price drop. You can choose to be notified when the fare falls $5, $10, $25 or $50. Plus, the site will do the math for you with regard to those pesky ticket-change fees. If your refund outweighs the fee, Yapta will tell you how to collect your travel voucher." November 11, 2010

CBS News

Travel-Site Gotchas

"You're much better off doing your own comparison shopping and using tools found at sites like Bing and Yapta to find the best times to book. Ignore price guarantees and find the best deals on your own." November 10, 2010

Today Show

Finding Holiday Travel Deals

"One website) that I love is Yapta. If you have a very specific route that you want…Yapta will give you an alert when that flight goes down in price - so that's amazing." October 19, 2010

Seattle Times

Fed up with travel hassles and fees: Just say no

"Airlines have various policies for issuing refunds &$40;usually in the form of vouchers for future travel&$41; if prices drop between the time you buy a ticket and the time you travel. Keep in mind you have to buy the ticket directly from the airline, not a third-party website. Sign up for fare alerts with, a website that monitors price drops and advises on refund policies." October 9, 2010

Travel + Leisure Magazine

Best Travel Websites

Click Factor: Every travel-booking site from Orbitz and SideStep to Bing offers fare-tracking updates, but only Yapta does it for a specific flight at a specific time on a specific airline. So if you absolutely have to take the last nonstop flight out of Paris (Air France 008 at 7:10 p.m.), Yapta will send you an e-mail as soon as the price goes down. If you've already bought your ticket and the fare drops, the service will let you know if you're eligible for reimbursement.” October, 2010

PC Magazine

Want the Lowest Airfare? Try Yapta

" is one of the best travel tools for scoring the lowest prices on both airlines and hotels. It tracks pricing on a specific flight or hotel (whether you’ve purchased it or not doesn’t matter), then alerts you via e-mail when the price drops." October 1, 2010


How to Score Deals on Holiday Travel

"At, you can sign up to receive alerts when prices drop on flights to a particular city on certain dates. You also can get alerts when the price of your airline ticket drops below what you paid and whether you can get a refund." August 30, 2010

Meetings and Conventions

Why Do Airline Prices Change So Much?

"A number of services, such as the online site Yapta, show historical price data for a specific flight date, displaying what the ticket prices were on each day leading up to the flight. This allows consumers to make more informed decisions as to when they should purchase their tickets." August 26, 2010


Last-minute summer getaways: It's not too late

"'Several notable airfare sales ended Tuesday,' says Jeff Pecor of Yapta, an airfare price-tracking service. 'But I bet others will arrive before Labor Day rolls around. There are deals to be had; travelers just have to be ready to commit to booking immediately and to being flexible with their travel schedules." August 25, 2010


Where the Fall Travel Deals Are

"If you keep your eyes open you 'will likely see limited time deals pop up throughout the remainder of the summer,' says Jeff Pecor, senior communications director at and 'if travelers want to find a good deal on fall flights, they should start by looking at the various airfare deals that are being offered now from nearly every major airline.'" August 23, 2010

Wall Street Journal

In Flight, More Dust-Ups

"Together, and are offering travelers the ability to track rates on a larger selection of hotel properties. Users can now watch prices on more than 196,000 domestic and international properties and set up email alerts for when a price drops." August 12, 2010


Here comes an autumn surprise

"…I recommend a site like Yapta, which lets you track the price and buy when the time is right." July 19, 2010

U.S. News & World Report

Splurge on This, Save on That

"For the same reasons it makes sense to buy your winter coat now, you should also book your winter vacations. Just be sure to use a website, such as or that will refund you if the price drops." June 23, 2010

Consumer Reports

8 ways to land a great airfare

"To learn about such fare drops, go to (as in "Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant"), a site that offers advice on refunds." June, 2010


Ticket-price volatility

"Yapta, a site that tracks ticket prices, is trying a different tack-allowing potential travellers to track flights to their dream destinations and buy when the price seems low." May 20, 2010


Flying comfortably in the digital age

"Yapta allows you to track specific flights, not just routes between two cities, so you don't have to hear about deals on 5 a.m. flights with three stops. After you buy a ticket, Yapta will keep tracking prices and let you know if the fare drops, so you can claim a refund or voucher." May 18, 2010

ABC News

When Airfare Drops, Get a Refund

"Travelers who book at least 60 days in advance of their flight are eligible for a refund 11 percent of the time, according to data Yapta tracked over the past year." May 14, 2010


5 Ways to Survive Wedding Season Without Going Broke

"Out-of-town ceremonies often hit your wallet hardest, but this move eases the sting: will track ticket prices on the flight you want to take and then shoot you an e-mail the second they drop." May 13, 2010

ABC News

10 Worst Airlines for Extra Fees

"'Southwest Airlines has been smart enough to not pit themselves against their own customers,'" said Jeff Pecor, of travel site "'In fact, they're using the 'me versus the airline' issue to its competitive advantage by marketing 'no baggage fees' quite heavily. The airline has managed to find ancillary revenue in areas other than baggage fees, so it begs to be asked: Why can't other low-cost carriers?'" May 4, 2010


The Best Places to Save Money Online

"Already booked your trip? No problem! You can enter your flight or hotel information and the site will notify you of a price drop. The best part: Yapta will help you get a refund for the difference depending on the airline's policy." April 27, 2010

Meetings and Conventions Magazine

Instant Refund

", an airfare-search site similar to, tracks the price for your flight after you book it, and alerts you if it drops significantly." April 19, 2010


The Frequent Flier's Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare

"Even after you've booked your ticket, don't think your work is done. Some airlines will refund or credit you the difference if the price drops. Flight-monitoring site Yapta keeps an eye on price drops and alerts you if the price falls below the price you bought it for so you can contact the airline to get a refund." April 12, 2010


Yapta Uses Data to make Both Airlines and Customers Happy

"Yapta has shown in the last three years that it brings in regular paying travelers and pushes them towards actually buying the trips they're researching…" April 1, 2010

Money Magazine

How can I save on my flight?

" will track the price of your flight and e-mail you if it drops enough that rebooking makes sense, even with penalty fees." March 2010

Seattle Times

Yapta teams with Kayak

", the airfare tracking service, is partnering with, the travel search site, to power its flight search engine, a move Yapta says will give it greater access to flight data and the ability to track prices for any flight in the world." February 17, 2010


Kayak and Yapta Team Up to Help You Find Cheaper Flights

"Yapta today announced a partnership with travel search site Kayak that will make its highly useful flight-tracking service a lot more accessible." February 17, 2010

Budget Travel

Kayak teams up with Yapta to let you track fare changes

"Two websites that Budget Travel raves about--Yapta and Kayak--are now working together in a helpful way for travelers." February 17, 2010


Yapta gets Kayak search, Kayak gets Yapta price tracking

"After integrating its flight price-tracking with TripIt a couple of months ago, Yapta continues its coming out party by entering into a hoped-for mutually beneficial arrangement with metasearch leader Kayak." February 17, 2010

New York Times

Airfare Price Tracking Gets Easier

"By integrating Kayak's flight search, Yapta said it will offer travelers a more comprehensive airfare tracking service that covers hundreds of airlines, up from 56 previously." February 17, 2010

New York Times

Booking a Flight the Frugal Way

"Will the price go down? For that, I check (which has been absorbed into Bing) and, which track airfares and can predict - based on historical data and knowledge of the airlines' pricing systems - if a price is going to go up or down in the near future." February 16, 2010

CBS News

Online Booking Made Easy

"Yapta is a great website for watching price drops. Yapta, or Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant, tracks airfares and hotel rates. It can alert you when prices drop for your specific needs either via email or Twitter." February 11, 2010


Where the Spring Travel Deals Are

"As airlines are raising their fares and fees, hotels are bringing their rates down. Why? Because unlike the airlines, "hotels can't cut capacity to account for low travel volumes. Instead they're forced to lower rates," observes Jeff Pecor, senior communications director for flight price tracking site" February 8, 2010


Get money back when prices drop

"The joint effort means you can now forward your airline and hotel confirmation emails to TripIt ( Your purchase price is quickly verified. If the airfare drops after you purchase it, Yapta will alert you if you’re eligible for a refund or credit based on the airline's policies." January 11, 2010

New York Times

10 Ways to Cut Your Travel Costs This Year

"Using your confirmation number, will automatically track the price of your ticket, taking the airline's fees into consideration, and send you, without charge, an e-mail message or Twitter alert notifying you of the lower price." January 10, 2010

Budget Travel

Top sites Yapta and TripIt team up

"Yapta and TripIt compliment each other as nicely as peanut butter and chocolate. These sites now let you put money back in your pocket if a fare drops after you’ve booked it." January 6, 2010

New York Times

Travel Planning Sites Team Up

"Yapta, which allows users to track airfares and hotel prices, explained that Tripit members can now receive automatic alerts on airline refunds or credits based on itineraries they create." January 6, 2010

TripIt Integrates With Yapta To Offer Airfare Tracking Service

"Travelers can now forward their flight confirmation emails to and can choose to have Yapta start tracking their flights for airline refunds or credits." January 5, 2010

Wall Street Journal

Stuck in a Middle Seat? Here's a Trick for Upgrading

" offers alerts on fares for specific flights you may be shopping, or specific hotels." November 16, 2009


5 Ways to Save Time and Money on Holiday Travel

"If your refund outweighs the fee, Yapta will let you know how to collect your travel voucher." November, 2009


Airfares climbing and not likely to drop before the holidays

"The New York Times reports that in the past week alone, airfares have jumped 6 percent for Thanksgiving travel. Some flights have risen even more, according to New York to Chicago, round trip, jumped from $354 on September 14th to 454 yesterday for Thanksgiving week. Seattle to Orlando was 766 on September 19th, now 916." October 15, 2009


Holiday Travelers Who Wait to Book Flights May Pay More

"From New York, a round-trip American Airlines flight to Chicago that cost $354 on Sept. 14 was $540 on Thursday, a 52 percent jump, according to, which tracks fares." October 15, 2009


Share your travel deals with friends with Yapta's Frugal Travel Flaunts

"The idea behind the app is pretty solid. …The Frugal Travel Flaunts application allows you to use social media to alert your friends to good deals and helps you score your own with a few easy clicks." October 3, 2009

Budget Travel

Airfares: Book you holiday travel now rather than wait for sales

"Enter Yapta. Two years ago, the site introduced its free airfare-tracking service, which e-mails you the moment your fare dips. For $15, Yapta will file the pesky money-back paperwork with your airline." September 15, 2009

Wall Street Journal

The Frugal Joys of Shoulder-Season Travel

"Yapta can help you decide when to book." September 4, 2009

Wall Street Journal

11 top tips for buying airfares

"For now, I think the best advice is to shop often, especially midweek when prices are often lower than on weekends, and set a realistic price you're willing to pay. When you see it, grab it. If you want to wait, set up alerts at booking sites to let you know of price drops, or use to follow price changes on the specific flights you want." August 28, 2009


11 top tips for buying airfares

" lets you track your specific itinerary, down to the flight number and dates of travel, and will let you know if the airline owes you a price-drop refund." August 18, 2009

New York Times

Grab Airfare Deals Now, or Wait?

", another price-tracking service, alerts travelers when the price of their plane tickets drop after purchase. That way, travelers can call the airline to request a voucher for the price difference, or pay $15 to have Yapta do it." July 26, 2009

Lower airfare - how to get them

"Yapta is the industry leader for tracking fares -- even Google incorporates Yapta’s data in its search results." July 23, 2009

The Ultimate Online Tools for Trip-Planning

"Yapta will send you an email alert if you’re eligible for a refund and instructions on how to get it. The next thing you know, you’ve saved some moolah that you can squander on your holiday." July 11, 2009

The New York Times

Yapta Pockets $2 Million in Second Round

", a Website that helps users locate bargain airfare and hotel prices, has nabbed $2 million in a second round of financing, led by Voyager Capital." June 29, 2009


Yapta lands $2M to track airfare and hotel prices

", a site that monitors airfare and hotel prices to get users bargains, has raised $2 million in a second round of funding to further product development and expand its marketing strategy. The company says it’s not enough anymore to use sites that find only the cheapest fares at the time, since these prices fluctuate so widely." June 25, 2009

The Motley Fool

How to Save $240 on Vacation Airfare

"In addition to the biggie travel sites like Expedia and Orbitz, there’s a plentiful list of aggregators to choose from like,, and Travelzoo, which delivers its deals through its website and its Top 20 email. Other aggregator sites include,,,, and I’ (kidding on that last one)." June 19, 2009

The Baltimore Sun

Price drops, but it’s hard to catch a break

"Another good site is I’ve been tracking Los Angeles-New York flights because I thought the fare was too high at $379 when I first started looking in February. On May 8, Yapta alerted me that the fare had dropped $60.” June 7, 2009

Readers Digest

9 Ways to Get Your Vacation for Less

“At, you can track the price of a flight before and after you book it, and will alert you (by e-mail or Twitter) if the rate drops. Contact the airline directly for a refund; for $15, Yapta will go to bat for you.” June, 2009

National Public Radio

Fresh Air: Sunny, Chance of Bargains

“The other useful thing about Yapta that I like is you can track prices before you buy. And so if you’re unsure, looking at particular flights, you think the price may drop, you don’t want to be – you know, prices change seven times a day. You don’t want to be constantly checking airfares. Use Yapta to automatically check for you.” May 28, 2009

Top 10 Money-saving Guides for Common Purchases

“For the hard dollars and cents of saving, try using one of our readers’ favorite non-airline-sponsored deal finders and ticket predictors: Kayak, Yapta, or Live Search Farecast (okay, that last one is owned by Microsoft, which also books through Expedia, but, still, it’s not exactly an airline price pusher).” April 18, 2009

FOX Business Network CEO Tom Romary weighs in on the state of airline industry

“We like to say it’s a transparent version of ‘name your own price.’” April 6, 2009

The New York Times

Airfare Sites Adding Hotels

“And, which specializes in monitoring airline ticket pricing, announced a new hotel price tracking service last month. Not only will users be able to compare the prices on domestic and international hotels, they will also be able to track when these hotels are offering their most affordable rates. With its “track price drops” function, the Web site will locate the lowest published rate of a tracked hotel and will create a graphic that shows the price of a specific hotel over time.” April 5, 2009

The New York Times

Hard Times? Time to Take Off

“A March flight to London from Chicago on United, for example, was $475.60 on March 4, down from $629.90 the month before, according to the airfare tracking site” April 5, 2009

The Wall Street Journal

Travelers Find It Pays to Wait for Late Deals

“Mr. Moses says Yapta has been indispensable in recent months because he often flies Jetblue out of Oakland, Calif. He bought his ticket to New York in September for $589, but after Yapta emailed him about price drops over the past few months, he has received five credits worth a total of $213 from JetBlue for future tickets.” March 31, 2009

The New York Times

As Airfares Fall, Save Even After Buying

“Using your confirmation number, will automatically track the price of your ticket, taking the airline.s fees into consideration. If the price drop exceeds the fee, Yapta will send you, without charge, an e-mail message or Twitter alert notifying you of the refund.” March 29, 2009

KOMO-TV (Seattle, WA)

Web site tracks cheapest hotel, flight prices

“The free, Seattle-based Web site works like a personal travel assistant. It helps you find the lowest airfare around by comparing prices. You can look up a flight, book it and Yapta will track your ticket to make sure you’re getting the cheapest price available.” March 24, 2009

The Seattle Times

Yapta helps connect travelers with savings

“Travelers once didn’t care if they paid a premium to fly at certain times, but things have changed. People are paying more attention to their travel budgets, and benefit from Yapta’s information.” March 23, 2009

Today Show

Budget Spring Getaways

“ will help you get a refund if your fare drops.” March 23, 2009

Budget Travel

Hotels: Get a lower price when rates drop (by using Yapta)

“Of course, Yapta’s new hotel-tracking service can also help you decide when to book a hotel room in the first place. Pick the hotel you’re interested in booking and then sign up to be automatically alerted when the rate drops.” March 20, 2009

Yapta Now Tracks Price Drops For Hotels Too

“The key functionality for Yapta is the tracking feature – it’s definitely a useful and easy way to compare travel prices without the hassle of having to constantly monitor changes in hotel and flight prices.” March 19, 2009

Deal or no deal? 6 secrets for spotting a bargain

“I also like Yapta (, which can show a trend-line for airfares. ‘You can see the airfare pricing history on a number of flights between various city pairs,’ company spokesman Jeff Pecor told me.” March 9, 2009

AARP Magazine

Big Moves, Big Bargains

“ goes a step further. It’ll help you get a refund if you buy a ticket and the price later drops.” March, 2009

The Los Angeles Times

This just in – Yapta can Twitter you when a flight price drops

“, best known for finding you rebates after you buy your ticket, has a whole bunch of other features worth noting. They track airfare prices and let you know when they drop, tell you when award seats become available so you can buy your ticket with frequent-flier miles and – the latest tool made available today – send you fare alerts by Twitter.” January 30, 2009

Money-saving tips for travel tightwads

“For airline ticket savings, Chicago-based freelance editor Kim Wiseman swears by the travel Web site because it monitors fares even after a ticket is purchased and will help you get a refund if the fare goes down.” January 29, 2009

How to Get a Refund When Your Airfare Drops

“If your fare drops to the point where you qualify for a voucher and you don.t want to deal with the airline yourself, Yapta will do it for you for a $15 fee per service action (if there are up to five people on your reservation, Yapta will get you voucher money for each ticket in the reservation for the flat fee).” January 7, 2009

Inc. Magazine

The Goods: Business Travel

“ will alert you when a good price appears on the flight you want. If the price falls after you have bought the ticket, Yapta will, for $15, try to get you a refund or credit for the difference.” January, 2009

Wall Street Journal

Ways to Stretch Travel Dollars in the New Year

“, a Web site that can track fares on specific routes and dates for you, added a new feature this fall that can alert you when airlines make new seats available at the lowest-priced frequent-flier award levels.” December 30, 2008

CBS Early Show

Top Travel Web Sites

“If you’ve booked a flight directly through an airline website, Yapta will monitor the fare, alert you if the price drops, and instruct you how to get a refund from the airline for the difference (yes, it’s often possible).” December 29, 2008


The Best Travel Web Sites

“This site goes beyond tracking airfares. You plug in a route and it will monitor and alert you if the fare drops substantially. Even if the fare drops after you already bought more expensive tickets, it helps you get the credit on the difference. Now you can also get alerts when your frequent-flier miles can be used on specific flights.” December 15, 2008

Travel + Leisure Magazine

T+L’s Top Travel Websites of 2008

“If you’ve booked a flight directly through an airline website, Yapta will monitor the fare, alert you if the price drops, and instruct you how to get a refund from the airline for the difference (yes, it’s often possible).” December, 2008


Web sites ease travel woes

“Yapta basically acts as your personal travel assistant” November 19, 2008

The New York Times

This Season, Procrastination May Pay Off

“, another price-tracking service, alerts travelers to price drops even after the ticket has been bought. Travelers can call the airline to claim their travel credit themselves or pay $15 to have Yapta do it.” November 9, 2008

Five Best Travel Sites for Cheap Tickets

“Before your purchase, Yapta will track a flight and alert you when it falls below your desired price. After your purchase, Yapta will continue tracking the ticket price. If it drops, the site will send an alert if you’re eligible for a refund or travel credit.” November 1, 2008

U.S. News & World Report

Alpha Consumer: Saving on Airline Tickets

Kimberly Palmer, Senior Editor at U.S. News & World Report , talks travel with Yapta CEO, Tom Romary October 21, 2008


Online tips help stretch your travel dollar

“Yapta only sends an alert if the savings are more than the airline’s rebooking fees, and claims 19% of purchased flights qualify.” October 9, 2008

How to Save on Holiday Travel

“, for example, allows passengers to track fares before they book, as well as sign up for e-mail updates that will alert them if their ticket price drops after they’ve paid for it.” October 9, 2008


Steals & Deals on Flights

“ alerts travelers to price drops even after the ticket has been purchased. You plug in your ticket confirmation code and Yapta alerts you when the price drops so you can ask for a refund.” August 6, 2008

The New Yrok Times

For Some, Next Year Is Already Here

“Yapta debuted in May 2007 as a tool you had to download to your computer. But a recent upgrade made all its features available on its website. It also added a flight search tool and the ability to store all your frequent flier account information in one place.” July 20, 2008

Los Angeles Times

A way to save on flights

“Yapta debuted in May 2007 as a tool you had to download to your computer. But a recent upgrade made all its features available on its website. It also added a flight search tool and the ability to store all your frequent flier account information in one place.” July 7, 2008

Yapta Graduates From Browser Add-0n to Flight-Tracking Website

“Now, 350,000 registered users later, Yapta has finally launched as a full-fledged Website, where you can track fares from 23 different airlines, including American, Delta, United, Jet Blue, Virgin America, and many newly added international carriers…” June 22, 2008


Cheap Summer Getaways? There Are Still Deals

“…Yapta also continues to track a flight for price drops after users have bought their ticket. This feature allows users to know whether they can collect a refund from the airline if they paid more for their ticket.” June 20, 2008

BusinessWeek SmallBiz

How to Find the Best Travel Deals

“It’s easier than ever to find good deals. The Web is playing a big part, through sites such as” June 20, 2008

ABC News

New Web Sites Every Traveler Needs

“Fare alerts make it easier than ever for travelers to find the absolute cheapest rate being offered. is one of the most successful of these fare tracking sites and can help you secure the best airfare deals available on the web.” June 4, 2008

NBC Today Show

The Best Travel Websites You’ve Never Heard Of

“This thing is fantastic… When you go looking for airfares, you can tag airfares that you’re interested in. When the prices go down, Yapta tells ya.” June 2, 2008

USA Today

Cheap tricks for summer travel

“ will notify you when the price of a flight reaches your threshold, and if you ticket through the site, it will notify you if the ticket price drops to the extent that you’re eligible for a refund. Yapta will even contact the airline to see about getting that credit.” April 25, 2008

CBS News

Save On Soaring Air Fares

“ Best for watching for price drops, and scoring refunds. This site keeps tabs on fare fluctuations before and after you book your flight, so you can get any applicable credits, or even cash back from the airline if the price drops.” March 20, 2008

Travel + Leisure

Best new airline Web sites

“This site keeps tabs on fare fluctuations before and after you book your flight, so you can get any applicable credits or even cash back from the airline if the price drops. Caveat: Refund policies apply only if you book directly with the airline.” March 2008


5 smart sites to put $50 in your pocket – fast

“…Plug your itinerary into and it will alert you if and when prices drop.” February 9, 2008

The Seattle Times

Tech winners tapped by WSA, er, WTIA

“Consumer Product or Service of the Year: Yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant), a Web service that helps travelers find lower airfares and credits when prices fall after they buy tickets.” February 7, 2008

The Early Show

Pocketbook Helper$

“You book, prices drop — it’s NOT game over! This could be one of the Web’s best-kept secrets: On Yapta, you can plug in your itinerary (before or after you book) and it will alert you if/when prices drop.” January 18, 2008

Associated Press

New generation of Web sites for travel planning

“…Yapta can continue tracking prices even after you purchase the ticket. If you booked directly with the airline and the price drops below what you paid, you may be eligible for a refund or credit from the airline.” December 6, 2007

CBS Early Show

The CBS Early Show

"When you’re ready to book, says Lewis, go to this year’s hottest site, Before they purchase their ticket and after they purchase their ticket. No matter where on the Web you shop, with a travel site or the airline itself, Yapta will alert you if a price drops after you plunk down your money." October 29, 2007

Los Angeles Times

Q&A with Tom Romary, CEO of

“… opened their doors to the public this summer and has since wowed the likes of The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, WIRED and TIME who named them one of the 50 Best Websites for 2007. I got a chance to talk to Tom Romary, the CEO of Yapta, and he gave me good reason to start using their website. Read on and you’ll get the inside scoop on new features they are launching today, in a few weeks and shortly down the road.” October 29, 2007

KNXV-TV (Phoenix)

October 23, 2007

Travel + Leisure Magazine

Travel + Leisure Magazine

T+L’s Top 25 Travel Websites Web site Yapta helps you compare prices, track cost changes for airfare September 2007

times 50 best

Time 50 Best Websites 2007

“Yapta lets you track airfare prices and share the information with others. See a flight you’re interested in? Bookmark it, and flight and fare data is stored in your Yapta account. If you find other options, you can bookmark those too, then go back and compare them all.”


Websites Unveil Unique Approaches

“Keeping track of fares that can seesaw several times a day is a nightmare. Once you’ve tagged potential flights, [Yapta] not only monitors them, but also alerts you to any price drops.” July 24, 2007

Fast Company

Fast Company

“Yapta makes it easy to tag a flight (much the way the articletagging application works), and it alerts you if you meet the criteria. It’s also incredibly useful before you buy.” July 1, 2007

Wall Street Journal

How to Get Money Back When Airfares Drop

“A few days later, she got notification from Yapta that the price had dropped to about $400 per ticket. She called UAL Corp.’s United and got tickets reissued at the lower price plus four $400 vouchers.” May 22, 2007

Wired Magazine

Yapta: A smarter way to travel

“Yapta, a new way to track and compare airline ticket prices has opened its doors to the public.” May 22, 2007

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